tracy mackeracher

While completing my MSc in Marine Biology at James Cook University, I joined the Livelihoods Lab to undertake a minor research project under supervision of Dr. Amy Diedrich (co-supervised by Dr. Georgina Gurney and Dr. Nadine Marshall). My research explored patterns of stakeholder trust in different sources of natural resource information, focusing on the Great Barrier Reef as a case study. More recently I have contributed to research on diverse topics, with projects exploring (i) stakeholder perceptions regarding the effectiveness of spatial protections for sharks; (ii) the drivers and spatial distribution of shark fishing in Myanmar; (iii) factors influencing the adoption of capacity-building innovations by small-scale fishers in Fiji; (iv) the congruence between university offerings and the needs of employers in Australia’s marine sector; and (v) how place identity, attachment and meanings are affected by ecological place change. I am currently a PhD student at Dalhousie University (Canada), where I am conducting research to understand and quantify the socio-cultural, ecological and economic processes underpinning the sustainability of Nova Scotia’s lobster fisheries.