siobhan THrelfall

I am a Msc Marine Biology and Ecology student at James Cook University, in Townsville, Australia currently completing my minor project supervised by Amy Diedrich, Stephanie Duce and Megan Barnes (University of Hawaii, Manoa). Originally from the South Coast of NSW, I’ve long been interested in the management and conservation of marine ecosystems. I graduated from the University of Sydney in 2016 with a Bsc majoring in Marine Science. Whilst I mostly focused on the biological and geological sciences during my undergraduate degree, since studying at JCU I’ve become much more interested in the important role social science plays in the effective management of our marine environments. I believe that this science has become increasingly important as our marine ecosystems continue to degrade.
My minor project focuses on the social and ecological impacts of tourism within MPAs in Indonesia.  It involves mapping tourism activity across the Birds Head Seascape (BHS) of Indonesia, and the Sunda Banda Seascape (SBS) of Eastern Indonesia. As well as conducting spatial analyses of how this articulates with variables in the social and ecological domains. Carried out in conjunction with WWF-USA this project is part of the MPA mystery initiative which seeks to achieve the long-term sustainability of marine resources by investigating the successes and failures of MPAs in providing conservation and poverty alleviation benefits.