Welcome Megan and Siobhan to the Lab - the start of an exciting new collaboration with WWF-USA


We are happy to introduce two new members to the Livelihoods Lab! Megan Fraser (left) and Siobhan Threlfall (right) are MSc Marine Biology and Ecology students at James Cook University. For their minor thesis projects, they will be working under the co-supervision of Amy Diedrich and Stephanie Duce from the Livelihoods Lab, and Megan Barnes from the University of Hawaii, Manoa. This co-supervisory arrangement is a first step in our Lab's collaboration with the WWF-sponsered MPA Mystery initiative. WWF's initiative seeks to de-mystify the successes and failures of MPAs through interdisciplinary research and monitoring with a host of socio-ecological partners. We are excited to be collaborating in the analysis of an extensive dataset related to MPA success in two of the most biologically and socially diverse seascapes on the planet: The Bird's Head Seascape and Sunda Banda Seascape of Indonesia.