Livelihoods Lab is Launched!

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Livelihoods Lab-logo-black-1.png

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce the official establishment of the Livelihoods Lab at James Cook University. The idea has been brewing for some time now and we are excited to finally have an outward facing presence where we can showcase our work. There are so many challenges facing coastal communities and small islands in the tropics, and we hope that we can play our part in helping to understand the best ways to address them by working collaboratively with people living and engaged in those areas. With such rapid change occurring all around us, there is also an exciting opportunity for innovation and development. Harnessing these opportunities requires people with multiple disciplinary and practical skills, including those who have first hand experience of local challenges, to put their minds together and push the boundaries of traditional approaches to research and development. We hope to build such diverse collaborations over the coming years that will help us achieve our mission of providing support to coastal communities in the tropics in meeting their livelihood goals through collaborative research and capacity building.