megan fraser

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, I obtained my B.S. in Marine Science from the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science in 2016, Miami, FL, USA. My previous work includes a Senior Thesis in the RSMAS Marine Diseases Processes Lab and published work with a RSMAS marine genomics class on population genetics of a FL euryhaline fish. My focus has shifted to marine management and conservation initiatives, as there is increasing need for public awareness and targeted action towards our oceans’ most pressing challenges.

Currently my minor project focuses on governance theory of common pool resources and management effectiveness evaluation tools and how both relate to MPA outcomes in Indonesia. This project is part of the WWF-sponsered MPA Mystery initiative ( and is supervised by Amy Diedrich (JCU) and Megan Barnes (University of Hawaii, Manoa), among others, and actively seeks to de-mystify the successes and failures of MPAs through interdisciplinary research and monitoring with a host of socio-ecological partners. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve long-term marine resource sustainability through the implementation of policies that incorporate all relevant stakeholder groups.

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