Edith Shum

I completed my MSc in Marine Biology and Ecology at James Cook University in July 2018. My minor research project was  supervised by Claudia Benham and Ellen Ariel. Coming from Canada, I’ve been chasing the gentle giants of the sea, the sea turtle from a young age. Since graduating with a BSc. in Environmental Sciences with a specialization in Wildlife Biology, I have been exposed to various strategies in management programs, and the human dimension in conservation. Since then, I strongly believe that problematic environmental issues must be approached in a socio-ecological way of thinking.

Currently, I am a Research Assistant at the ARC Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, where I am exploring the interface between social capital and diversity in environmental systems with Michele Barnes, a Social Science Research Fellow. In addition, I am investigating the human dimension in the conservation of marine turtles. As a flagship species in conservation, the integration of marine turtles and humans have attracted many enthusiasts and organisations worldwide to establish conservation tools dedicated to protecting the population of turtles. Thus, my project looks to determine what factors may significantly influence the intention of volunteers to participate in conservation work with marine turtles. By learning from the success of marine turtle conservation, it can provide insight to how other critically vulnerable species can be managed.

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