LUCIA palacios castillo

I am a Spanish student currently doing my minor project at James Cook University, supervised by Amy Diedrich. I have always been really close to the sea, which is the reason why I am so passionate about its conservation. I started my studies in marine science in a Spanish university but my dream had always been to go to Australia and study coral reefs. Two years after I finished my studies in Spain I managed to get into JCU and I started my master in Marine Biology. Even though I loved studying coral reefs, I took a social science subject imparted by Amy, as I had always been interested in this area. This opened my eyes into a new area of research that is probably not as recognised in the scientific community but is equally important for the future of the oceans, as we have to manage people and not the creatures that live in the oceans. For this reason I decided to do my Minor Project with Amy.

My project is focused in data collected by Amy in 2014 in the protected areas of the Galapagos Islands. The study focuses on the main factors that influence the different levels of compliance in the protected areas of Galapagos. The aim is to better understand how the compliance can be improved to make the protected areas more effective in the conservation of the natural environment in the iconic Galapagos Islands