jasmine kamp

I am a Master of Science student majoring in Environmental Management at James Cook University, Townsville. I have lived in sunny Queensland for most of my life and over time have developed a great appreciation for marine environments, especially our very own Great Barrier Reef. It was this appreciation that drove me to complete a Bachelor degree in Marine Science also at JCU in 2016. Since completing my degree, I have worked with numerous marine-based organisations such as ReefHQ Aquarium and the Australian Institute of Marine Science, for which I have received a publication focused on the combined effects of dredging-related stressors on marine sponges. Since beginning my master’s degree in 2018, I have become very interested in the social science aspect of environmental management, particularly in relation to sustainable livelihoods for fishing communities. It is because of this interest that I have decided to do a minor project with Amy Diedrich

The focus of my project is to explore in detail the benefits and trade-offs of livelihood options available for rural, small-scale fishing communities in the tropics. To do this, I will be conducting a systematic literature review of the livelihood options commonly available to these communities (e.g. aquaculture, fishing, logging, oil palm, tourism). This information can then be used in future projects for establishing successful alternative livelihoods or balancing multiple livelihoods.

Contact me at: jasmine.kamp@my.jcu.edu.au