goodchance chao

I am doing a minor project, supervised by Amy Diedrich, to explore the relationship between revenue received by communities from tourism in protected areas and poaching.  I am interested in gaining a deeper understanding on how tourism revenue can promote communities welfare and influence poaching trends.
I am working in Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), the organization whose mandate is to manage and regulate the use of areas designated as National parks. My contribution is to provide the sound knowledge and skills to ensure the Parks' ecosystems are well conserved. To achieve the organization goal of conservation, I am working closely with conservation stakeholders including local communities surrounding National Parks to ensure the precious natural resources are healthy enough to satisfy the needs of the present generation, while leaving room for future generation to enjoy them as well. The knowledge I gain at James Cook University throughout my studies will be invested in the organization to contribute in policy changes and bring positive outcome in conservation of the parks' natural resources.