Bethany smith

Hailing from England, I obtained my BSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Brighton, graduating in 2017. My interest in marine biology developed over the course of these studies; driven by my undergraduate thesis which addressed public opinion on the development of the aquaculture industry within the United Kingdom. Presently undertaking my MSc in Marine Biology and Ecology, during my time at JCU I have been strongly drawn to the social aspects of marine biology; with a developing appreciation of the fundamental importance of the integration of socioeconomic considerations into marine management techniques.

My minor project acts to address the issues associated to the successful management of migratory marine species, namely sharks. Supervised by Amy Diedrich and Colin Simpfendorfer, this project will develop an integrated risk assessment tool, pinpointing key threats to migratory species both spatially and temporally. To do so, hypothetical migration pathways of the scalloped hammerhead shark within the Indo Pacific will be utilised (see Chin et al 2017). The development of this analytical technique hopes to provide a tool in which decision makers can assess and prioritise key risks; a critical aspect in the implementation of effective management strategies for those species that transgress multiple jurisdictional boundaries.