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Amy diedirch, lab leader

I am a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management and a research scientist at the Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture and TropWATER in the College of Science and Engineering at James Cook University in Australia. I am an environmental social scientist and my research explores how rural coastal communities in the tropics respond to social and environmental change, and how this affects their ability to maintain sustainable livelihoods and sustainable use of natural resources.  In particular, I work to identify the social factors that influence positive livelihood outcomes from conservation and development. Much of my work has focused on how tourism alters the relationship between humans and the natural environment (e.g. through shifting livelihoods, implementation of Marine Protected Areas). More recently, my research has focused on the role of social capital in influencing sustainable livelihood outcomes in small-scale fishing communities in Asia and the Pacific. I have an interdisciplinary background, with an undergraduate degree in Biology and postgraduate degrees (MA, PhD) in Marine Affairs. My professional and research experience span the Caribbean, Latin America, the Mediterranean, and the Indo-Pacific.

Read more about my work on my Research Portfolio.